Tongyu has cognizance to country torch plan important high-tech enterprise 2006

On 15 Nov 2012 Tags news

2019低价潜力股 Before long, Country Torch Plan Important Hi-Tech Enterprise 2006 and Country Torch Plan Important Hi-Tech Enterprise 2003 finished the qualification reconfirmation and Tongyu Communication Equipment CO., Ltd has cognizance to Country Torch Plan...

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Broadband Mobile Communication Base Station Antenna Project of Tongyu Gained First-class Reward of Zhongshan Science and Technology Advancement

On 13 Nov 2012 Tags news

In April 2005, Zhongshan Science and Technology Reward Appraisal Committee announced the Zhongshan science and technology advancement company list. The broadband mobile communication base station antennas of Tongyu gained First-class Award of...

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Tongyu Communication passed the International Environmental System ISO14001 Attestation

On 11 Nov 2012 Tags news

Following rechecking of ISO9001:2000 in August 2004, Tongyu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd again passed ISO14001:1996 attestation, which marked a further step toward green industry. The audit was conducted by Shenzhen Huantong Attestation Center....

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3G Remote Control Electronic Down Tilt Antenna for Mobile Communication Was Listed as An Item of Science and Technology in Zhongshan City in 2005

On 09 Nov 2012 Tags news

News from Zhongshan Science and Technology Bureau: Remote control down tilt 3G antennas developed by Zhongshan Tongyu was listed in the first. Science and technology projects in 2005.

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Tongyu Joined AISG Communication Standard

On 03 Nov 2012 Tags news

In Nov. 2004, approved by AISG, Zhongshan Tongyu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd joined the organization. After joining the organization, 3G base station antennas, electric down tilt antennas and other products used on...

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